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Fleet Truck GPS For Over The Road Drivers

Fleet Truck GPS for Over the Road Drivers

The number of places over the road truck drivers go in a given year might blow you away. On average, they can easily log 4,000 miles each week and be in compliance with the hours of service regulations. These fleet trucks are often carrying cargo that is very expensive due to the amount of it and perhaps due to the type of it. Sometimes, the cargo is hazardous and that is a risk if it doesn't get where it needs on time.

Fleet trucks often have a truck GPS in place for over the road drivers. Some assume this is to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren't lagging behind. However, business owners assure them it is for safety as the #1 priority. Making sure the driver is moving along the route they should when they should is important. They aren't going to be able to go beyond their hours of service in that fleet vehicle either.

This eliminates them trying to drive too much in one day or the employer trying to pressure them to drive more than they legally can in a given 24 hour window of time. Should the vehicle move without authorization dispatch will know about it and they can investigate. If the driver isn't moving the truck when they should, they can also investigate.

There have been times when an over the road truck driver was very ill or even pinned under a trailer. Get Truck Gps from gds. While this is rare, it does happen and most of them were able to get medical attention because someone realized the truck wasn't moving when it should have been. The GPS system is credited with providing that data for them to take action based upon.

Other times, the driver may have overslept and they need to be getting up to drive. They may have failed to set an alarm or they turned it off but then went back to sleep. There are so many scenarios and the unknown can be eliminated with truck GPS in place. Any irregularities can be investigated.

When a driver isn't responding as they should, it can be a red flag something isn't right. They may be off the route they should be one or just parked and not responding. This type of scenario can indicate the truck and trailer has been taken over by someone trying to steal the merchandise. Based on what could be going on, the dispatcher can call local law enforcement where that truck happens to be located.

They can be directed right to the scene of where that system is identified as being located at. They can investigate and get back to the dispatch about what they have discovered. Precious time can be saved during emergencies when this type of information from GPS is shared and followed up on. Without it, hours may have to be sent to find out what that truck is and that can mean time for something to go seriously wrong.

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